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The Curry Stone Design Prize (CSDP) is awarded each year to honor innovative projects that use design to address pressing social justice issues. The Prize is supported by the Curry Stone Foundation.

Through the prize, CSDP seeks to highlight, honor, and reward projects that improve daily living conditions for ...

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Curry Stone Design Prize Announces the Social Design Circle, Honoring 100 Aspirational Social Design Practitioners Throughout 2017

Celebrating its 10th Anniversary, The Prize also launches a new podcast: Social Design Insights, a weekly conversation with leading socially-minded designers and activists, hosted by Emiliano Gandolfi and Eric Cesal

Bend, Oregon (January 3, 2017) The Curry Stone Design Prize, in celebration of its 10th Anniversary, is acknowledging a large group of the most influential socially engaged practices as this year's winners, being recognized as the Social Design Circle. Each practice named to the Social Design Circle has helped define the Social Design movement over the last decade through the impact of their work. The Prize will name 100 practices over the next twelve months as part of the Circle. Each will receive a feature page dedicated to their work on the Prize's website. To further publicize the work of these extraordinary practitioners, the Curry Stone Foundation will also launch a new podcast: Social Design Insights, on January 5th, 2017. 

"In the past ten years, the Curry Stone Design Prize has been recognizing some of the most impactful and inspirational international practices," says Emiliano Gandolfi, the Prize Director. "Their work is part of a larger movement of individuals and groups who see design as a necessary tool to make our societies more just, environmentally sustainable, and socially inclusive. We formed the Social Design Circle to illustrate the significance of this movement and to share with a wider audience the great potential of these transformative practices." 

Past prizewinners have included architects, product designers, technology engineers, and artists. By amplifying this important work, the Prize hopes to empower young designers and inspire citizens to take a more active role in forming their societies. The Curry Stone Design Prize will also unveil new interactive web features, complimenting their existing website, where visitors can map the entire honorees and search thematically through their accomplishments. To better support this work, this week the Curry Stone Foundation is launching a new platform: a weekly podcast called Social Design Insights. Bringing you the leading voices of the social design movement, the podcast will be co-hosted by Prize Director Emiliano Gandolfi and award-winning author, architect and post disaster expert, Eric Cesal. The two will interview the movement's leaders in a conversational format surrounding twelve pressing issues over twelve months: 

Should Designers be Outlaws? | January
Is The Right To Housing Real? | February
Can Design Challenge Inequality? | March
Can Design Prevent Disaster? | April
Can We Design Community Engagement? | May
Can Design Reclaim Public Space? | June
Can We Design a Slum Friendly City? | July
How Do We Design With Scarcity? | August
What Can Design Do To Promote Peace?| September
Can a City Work As An Ecosystem? | October
Does Design Create Politics or Vice Versa? | November
How Do We Democratize Design? | December

Social Design Insights will feature conversations with Teddy Cruz, Santiago Cirugeda (Recetas Urbanas), Arquitectura Expandida, Stalker, Mark Lakeman (City Repair Project), in January, reflecting on the question: Should Designers be Outlaws? While Breaking Ground, Jonathan Kirschenfeld, the Asian Coalition for Housing Rights, and Lacaton & Vassal in February will investigate on another crucial issue: Is The Right to Housing Real? 

"Social Design Insights" will be a forum to hear from the Social Design Movement's leading practioners about their own methods, in their own words. By drawing dozens of practioners from all fields into one conversation, we hope that we can examine Social Design's current challenges and future potential," adds Eric Cesal, co-host, Social Design Insights. 

Social Design Insights will air every Thursday on the Prize's website and will also be featured on iTunes, Android and RSS feeds. In addition to the podcast interviews, at the beginning of every month new honorees of the Social Design Circle will be announced to the public. 

About Curry Stone Design Prize
Curry Stone Design Prize is one of the most recognized social impact design awards, celebrating socially engaged practitioners and the influence and reach of design as a force for improving lives and strengthening communities. Founded in 2008 by Clifford Curry and Delight Stone, the Curry Stone Design Prize's goal is to inspire the next generation of designers to harness their ingenuity and craft for social good by sharing and supporting the impactful work of leadidng social impact practitioners. Nominees for the Curry Stone Design Prize are selected by an anonymous rotating group of social impact experts representing different fields of design, as well as humanitarian advocates from related disciplines. Emphasis is placed on emerging projects and ideas that may not have yet been taken to scale.

For more information on Curry Stone Design Prize2017 Social Design Circle and Social Design Insights, go to | Twitter @designprize | IG @designprize | FB/currystonedesignprize | #socialdesign #socialdesigncircle #socialdesigninsights

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